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Namibia update July 2023

Our most recent feedback from June 2023 says it all!

'Everything was wonderful about the Namibia trip. It was Mega'

The busy season is upon us, and we are looking forward to the arrival of our many international guests in Namibia, Botswana and south Africa.

It is a special time of blue skies, wide open spaces and an abundance of wild animals. The roads and tracks are open for travel. The many lesser traveled routes are awaiting our adventurous curious guests, looking to explore and find all those wonderful gems Namibia/southern Africa has in store for them.

Our team of tour consultants and professional tour-guides are looking forward to your arrival at our new and very centrally located premises at 87 Nelson Mandela avenue. Our fleet of good quality and reliable 4-wheel drive vehicles are awaiting the arrival of the many self-drive guests that will be exploring Namibia on their own.

We can confidently say that Namibia has all under control and will treat you to a safe, enjoyable, friendly and nature filled experience. The result of most first-time visits to our country is a plan for the next visit and the next…!

At the same time we are preparing for 2024 and a whole new wave of visitors exploring our country.

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